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Premiera Utworu Windy Day Zapraszamy

Daryl Strodes: lead vocal, backing vocals

Pawel Maciwoda: bass, all guitars

Robert Cichoń : lap steel guitar

Atma Anur: drums Recorded: Stir Up Studio by Pawel Maciwoda Mixed and mastered by Bobby Balow at Raytown Productions USA Photo by Aga Maciwoda

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Hi 🤘🏻 I’m the vocal of Scorpius -tributo a Scorpions in portugal, we love the best rock band in the world, the Scorpions, it was your dream, if you or someone of the scorpions see your dedication playing your music a live in stage. I don’t now how we speak you. We have been in Braga concert in July 2024 just a head of the stage, but nobody let us speak with you, Sorry for send this message

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